Eliminate Head Lice Safely and Naturally

You can rely on Comb It Out to get rid of lice infestation in your child or other members of the family. We offer treatment options that are non-toxic and pesticide-free, which makes them perfectly safe for babies and pregnant women. When lice invade your life, trust us to help you fight the infestation and win!

Our Services

We promptly get rid of lice using techniques and products that are natural and toxin-free. Comb It Out has a process that ensures only the best results. It starts with a screening and evaluation of the infestation. Once we determine the severity of the case, we then proceed with a measured application of the products.

Finally, we go ahead with the actual removal of the parasites. We use the wet combing treatment to effectively get rid of the lice and the nits. If we are completely certain that all of the lice are removed, you can ask us for a certificate of clearance.

Education and Advice

Effective lice management and prevention starts with the hair and continues throughout the home. Comb It Out will give you advice and teach you tips and tricks in order to prevent lice reinfestation. In addition, we also provide the necessary supplies that you can take home, all of which are safe and natural.

What’s So Special About Us?


Dedicated Staff

The people at Comb It Out are passionate about lice management. Because we want to help everyone get rid of lice, we will be happy to give free consultations. Our caring and experienced staff will make sure that your little ones will feel a lot better after the first appointment. We guarantee you and your children’s 100% satisfaction.

Family-Friendly Salon

Our facilities offer plenty of amenities to make your stay more worthwhile. We have plenty of parking spaces as well as free Wi-Fi. Our staff can provide games, DVD players, books, and toys to keep you and the children entertained. The salon is also open during convenient hours for busy families.


Our facility is open seven days a week. We accept clients from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We offer after hours services by appointment only, please call to schedule.


Q: How will I know if my child has Head lice?

A: When lice bite, due to the reaction of the saliva, you may itch and scratch, and feel a tickling in the hair. You should then check your child and family’s hair or contact a Lice removal specialist that has the required experience to remove the lice successfully. Some children do not experience these symptoms.

Q: I can see small white dots in my child’s hair. Are these eggs or dandruff?

A: Dandruff can be shaken out from the hair. Eggs can’t as they are stuck with a special glue that the female louse covers her egg with. Eggs are about half inch down from the scalp and white in color until they have their first meal, in which the color changes to a reddish brown.

Q: How are head lice spread?

A: Head lice are spread with direct head-to-head contact along with the sharing of hats, scarves, pillows, and clothing.

Q: Can Head lice fly?

A: No, head lice do not fly. They actually crawl from head to head by direct contact and have claws that cling to the hair.

Q: How long do Head lice live?

A: Head lice are able to live up to 1 month on the head. They can’t survive more than 72 hrs without blood from the host.

Q: Can our pets contact Head lice?

A: No