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Say Goodbye to Lice With the Help of Comb It Out

Head lice are contagious and extremely annoying parasites. Aside from the constant discomfort caused by itching and scratching, having lice carries a social stigma, especially for children. Sometimes, schools will prevent them from attending at all until the infestation is eliminated.

Comb It Out is here to put an end to this isolating experience. We help children and their families get rid of lice so they can live in comfort again. Our team uses a calm, soothing, and child-friendly approach to make the experience pleasant for every member of the family.

What We Do

Based in Concord, CA, our company offers a unique and natural head lice removal service in a family-friendly environment. We use natural, non-toxic, and pesticide-free products from the brand Fairy Tales. They are safe, even for toddlers and pregnant women. After applying the lice repellent, we then comb out the nits and remove the living lice.

Part of our dedication in helping families is keeping them informed about everything related to lice. That is why we offer educational presentations upon your request. Talk to our friendly staff for more information.


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You can choose the most convenient way of payment. We accept flex spending accounts as well as most insurances.

Articles About Comb It Out

We have been featured in the East Bay Times for the help that we provide. Find out more!

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Loved your service. You did an awesome job of ridding our girls of those pesky bugs! Would definitely recommend you. Thanks again."

“Thanks so much-not only did you check our entire school, but rid us of the unwanted findings!! No bugs!! I have already recommended you!”


“My kids went to camp and came back with lice. What a mess. I found Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon in Concord, CA. The ladies worked around my work schedule. It was a great price and the products were great on my kids. If your kids come home with lice let the professional’s do it. THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO….!”
—Mona M. San Francisco, CA 

“After looking around for a place I found Comb it Out. The ladies were very professional and very helpful! They did an excellent job on my kid’s hair! We left bug free. They are very reasonable in price and their salon is very clean and convenient. I highly recommend this place to everyone in need of lice removal.”
—Christian H. Antioch, CA

“I brought my six-year-old daughter here; the staff was extremely helpful and explained everything so I would be able to handle this myself if this ever were to happen again. My daughter was happy to have her own personal DVD player to watch a movie while having her hair combed. The salon was super clean and very thorough. After she was all combed out she got to choose a prize from a treasure chest!!! I highly recommend this salon.”
—Selena F. Concord, CA